Hi! I am Jasmine.

I am a natural light lifestyle/people photographer, originally from Taiwan, I moved to England in 2017 and now live in London.

in every single moment, as your photographer, sometimes I’m not privy to the meaning behind your glances and smile, but I’m totally attuned that there is meaning and with joy there. And so, I take a photo.

There is significance in every moment and every minute. I want your photos to show you the sacred second that the photograph was taken, as well as the essence of at that time in your life. that leaves my soul full!

I’m also a graphic designer, spontaneous traveler, and handmade craft maker. I love food design, architecture, and interior, so when I don’t photograph people I take pictures of the things I love for commercial and editorial clients.

In my work, I like to catch the natural moment and mix fine art photography and unobtrusive photojournalism. I just capture the moment are and exactly how it happens.